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New fundamentals of science on display at Questacon

By Questacon Media 09 Jun 2017


The fundamentals of science and technology are on display in a new permanent interactive exhibition opened today at Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre.

Fundamental explores simple scientific principles and phenomena through classic hands-on science exhibits and activities. Fundamental gives visitors to Questacon the opportunity levitate magnets, play a harp with invisible strings made of light, and climb inside a kaleidoscope.

Fundamental also features some revitalised classic Questacon experiences including the Harmonograph, one of Questacon’s oldest and most memorable exhibits. The Harmonograph is a swinging platform underneath a stationary pen that creates unique and intricate patterns.

Questacon Senior Manager of Learning Programmes, Jared Wilkins, said that the new exhibition features classic Questacon experiences in a new and updated fashion.

Fundamental really exemplifies the power of simple hands-on science exhibits to help people understand complicated scientific principles. The classic and refreshed exhibits on display in Fundamental demonstrate that you don’t always need new and expensive technology to make science enjoyable and accessible to everyone,” Mr Wilkins said.

Included in the new Fundamental exhibition is an upgraded Volunteer Explainers’ station, known as Curiosity Corner. The upgraded Curiosity Corner is a dedicated space for Questacon’s Volunteer Explainers to demonstrate how science influences the everyday lives of Questacon visitors.

“Volunteer Explainers have been an integral part of the Questacon experience since Questacon first opened in the old Ainslie Primary School 37 years ago. Curiosity Corner gives volunteers a place to set up their favourite science demonstrations and share their love of science and technology with our visitors,” Mr Wilkins said.

Fundamental is now open at Questacon.

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