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Questacon passes GO on the Australian version of Monopoly

By Questacon Media 14 Jun 2017


Questacon — The National Science and Technology Centre is now prime real estate on the new Australian version of Monopoly.

A new Australian edition of the famous board game was announced by Hasbro Australia at an event in Sydney today.

Late last year, fans from around the country were invited to vote for their favourite iconic Australian destination. 35,768 votes were cast for the 40 shortlisted landmarks, but only 22 are featured on the final board.

Questacon joins Canberra and the Australian War Memorial on the ACT section of the new Australian Monopoly board, with Questacon landing the coveted red ‘Trafalgar Square’ position.

Questacon, Deputy Director, Kate Driver said “It was an honour to pass GO on the much-loved board game.”

“Generations of families have learned and bonded over hotly contested rounds of Monopoly over the years and board games are a great way to introduce science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) concepts. Monopoly introduces ideas such as statistics, currency, and depending on house rules, the power of compounding interest.” Ms Driver said.

Tourism authorities from each state and territory were invited to nominate landmarks and attractions to be included on the updated Monopoly Australia board. As a beloved local, national and international attraction, Canberrans got behind Questacon, placing it first of three ACT attraction’s on the board.

“With the support of our visitors, members, partners and the Canberra community, we are elated to feature on the Monopoly Australia board. Thank you to everyone who voted for us.”

First published in 1935, Monopoly has become one of the most popular and recognizable board games in history.

“Nostalgia is a part of the game’s appeal as it has been around for over 80 years with many Australians, including myself, having grown up playing the game with family and friends. I am looking forward to buying my new Monopoly set at the Questacon Shop soon!” Ms Driver said.

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