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Spiders – featuring eight legs

By Questacon Media 24 Aug 2016


The current Spiders exhibition has been a huge success with some exciting things happening in the arachnid space!

With new spiders, growing young and egg sacs on display, it’s all happening with eight legs.


Tarantulas – These three have been busy lining their burrows with silk.

Communal Huntsman – Our social huntsman are maturing and some are becoming a similar size to the female matriarch of the family group and are a getting a little feisty!

Golden Orb Weavers – Our new spider, ‘Goldie’, is from North Queensland and has lovely yellow knees!

St Andrews Cross – This girl has produced an egg sac at the top of her enclosure that will be on display for two weeks. She has also produced a perfect cross - its official name is stabilimentum which she attends to regularly.

Jumping Spiders – We have two new female spiders on display.

Water Spider – Our female has produced an egg sac which has been removed and sent to the Queensland Museum for them to raise her young.

Funnel Web – A new large female funnel web, affectionately named ‘Dumbo’, is in perfect view against the glass of her enclosure.

With only six more weeks to go, don’t forget to catch-up with the exhibition before it ‘weaves’ goodbye on Sunday 9 October.