Engineering Is Elementary

Questacon is excited to partner with the Museum of Science, Boston to deliver an Australian pilot of the highly successful Engineering is Elementary education program.

Engineering is Elementary is a rigorously researched, classroom-tested collection of resources that increases students' interest in and confidence about engineering. Engineering is Elementary is designed to encourage all children - including those from under-represented groups - to see the values inherent in STEM and to envision themselves as potential engineers.

Questacon has worked with South Australian primary school teacher Charlene McGrath (2016 SA Early Career STEM Educator of the Year) to map the Engineering is Elementary resources alongside the Australian Curriculum for all Learning Areas and the General Capabilities.

Engineering is Elementary's 20 units present fun, engaging engineering challenges that allow students to apply science knowledge in meaningful ways.

Each unit is introduced by a storybook about a child who solves a problem through engineering. Set in locations around the world, the storybooks integrate literacy and social studies - and provide context and meaning for the hands-on activities that follow.

Questacon delivered free professional learning workshops for teachers in the ACT, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland across 2017 and 2018, as part of a pilot program supported by Raytheon.

For more information on the Engineering is Elementary program and the out of school programs Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere visit the Engineering is Elementary website.

Teacher Resources

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There are lots of free resources available to assist you with delivering Engineering is Elementary units in the classroom including extension activities, in-depth explorations of the STEM content, posters and charts.

Video Resources

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Illuminate practices, pedagogy and principles for implementing Engineering is Elementary in the classroom. On this page you can find introduction guides, how-to-demonstrations of the activities and real classroom sessions. These videos range from short 2 minute videos through to longer classroom sessions.