Jeff Anning went from structural landscaper to electric skateboard designer after he pulled apart his first board.

When Jeff started tinkering with that first board he was trying to challenge himself and make something cool. He didn’t expect to end up as the director of his own international company. He didn’t start with high end machinery or fancy computer modelling either, his first prototype consisted of a cardboard cut-out and a baked bean can…

Jeff is proof that if you have a passion and back yourself you can achieve anything. Do you have an idea for your own innovation? Ever wanted to take it to the next level? Why not apply for the National Questacon Invention Convention.

Evolve Skateboards store with range of boards mounted on the wall

When we visited Jeff he offered us a ride on one of his newest models. Joe was nominated as guinea pig... Don't quit your day job Joe.

It wasn't long before Jeff took over to show us what the board was capable of.

Check out more awesome skateboarding vids on the Evolve YouTube channel.

Like the idea of all things electric? Why not check out Simon Williams - he’s a skate park designer who builds electric bikes in his backyard!

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Man riding Evolve skateboard

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