Earth Quest

Questacon's travelling exhibition Earth Quest—Outer Space to Inner Earth, escorts visitors on a voyage from the outer limits of the Milky Way galaxy to the very centre of the planet Earth. It is mainly targeted at visitors aged 8 to 12 years but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Earth Quest's 30 interactive exhibits explore themes of astronomy, geology, geography, environmental science and biology. Why do we have seasons? How did mountains form? How have animals adapted to life in different climates? How do scientists know what’s at the centre of the Earth when we can't dig deeper than 12 kilometres below ground?

This portable, self-installing exhibition is suitable for metropolitan or regional venues. View descriptions of each exhibit or visit the hire page for technical specifications and venue requirements.

Teachers Notes

A summary of Earth Quest exhibits for teachers including National Curriculum links and key themes may be downloaded via these Word and PDF documents.

Questacon—Earth Quest Teachers Notes PDF 124 kB | Questacon—Earth Quest Teachers Notes Word 111 kB