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Questacon Membership

We are excited to announce that the Questacon membership program will resume for existing members from 10 December 2021. We would like to thank all our Questacon members for their patience, support and loyalty during the COVID-pandemic. We have extended all memberships by 20 months from the original expiry date to account for the time memberships have been on hold. We are also thrilled to offer an additional complimentary 100 days to say thank you for your patience and support over the last 20 months! More information for our existing members…

We value our Questacon members as part of the Questacon community and can’t wait to welcome new and existing members back – but in recognition of the past 20 months, when over 18,000 Questacon members were unable to use their membership to book into a free session, we are providing existing members with the opportunity to come and visit Questacon before we reopen our membership program for new members.

New memberships will be available from 10 January 2022. If you would like to give the gift of curiosity and purchase someone a Questacon membership before to that date (say, for Christmas!) please talk to our friendly team in the Questacon Shop who can arrange for a special Q Club Gift Card for you that can be activated on 10 January.


Science underpins the future prosperity of our nation. Questacon's members help us achieve our vision of a better future for all Australians through engagement with science, technology and innovation.


Questacon is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week. Pre-booked tickets are essential for all visitors, including infants. Q Club members and reciprocal members are welcome to attend any available visitor sessions at Questacon at special discounted prices.

From 10 December 2021, Q Club Members will be able to book their free tickets again.

More information about Questacon's reopening including Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Visitor update: Coronavirus page.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to welcoming you back to Questacon soon.


Questacon has a number of reciprocal partners across Australia. To visit them after 10 December 2021, please check with the relevant institution before you travel.

* Q Club Members who reside within 150km of the Australian Museum are excluded from receiving the reciprocal benefits at the Australian Museum.

** Q Club Members who reside within 100km are excluded from receiving the reciprocal benefits.


Call Questacon Memberships or send an email to:


  1. Entry to a Questacon venue as a Questacon member (Q Club) requires a current membership along with photographic identification and proof of entitlement to any concession benefits.
  2. Questacon members (Q Club) may have to pay an additional fee for Questacon special events or programmes that are not included in a daily general admission ticket.
  3. All Questacon memberships (Q Club) are non-transferable. Only the person/s listed on a membership can access membership benefits.
  4. Questacon membership (Q Club) is non-refundable.
  5. Reproduction of a Questacon (Q Club) membership card in any form is strictly prohibited.
  6. Questacon may terminate a Questacon membership (Q Club) if a member: fails to comply with these terms and conditions; abuses any privilege afforded to them under the Membership programme; or misuses their membership card or breaches the conditions of entry of Questacon.
  7. Members are responsible for ensuring the details of their Questacon membership (Q Club) are correct at all times.
  8. Questacon reserves the right to update or change these terms & conditions of membership benefits at any time without notice.
  9. Reciprocal benefits are subject to change without notice.