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The Earthquake Lab exhibit is closed while we develop a groundbreaking new experience in our Awesome Earth gallery. 


Now open


Gallery 3




Experience the power and beauty of our awesome Earth! Discover the driving forces of our world and see Earth through new eyes by engaging with dynamic, hands-on exhibits.

Let lightning spark your imagination! Safely experience a lightning strike with the Caged Lightning exhibit and use a Wimshurst machine to create the crackle of static electricity.

Do the wonders of the sky tickle your fancy? Find out why the sky is blue and how rainbows are made by exploring the behaviour of light.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the sea with underwater recordings of whales, urchins and humpback whales. 

Investigate the causes of tornadoes and learn how scientists predict tsunamis.

An exciting experience where every Earthling can marvel at the grandeur of our planet at Awesome Earth!