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Ask questions, test theories and experiment with others in Q Lab!

Have you ever wondered how something works, or why it works the way it does? Q Lab gives you the chance to investigate the world around you like a scientist. You will be encouraged to ask questions, observe, develop hypotheses and experiment!

See and participate in a huge variety of science demonstrations, brought to you by our inquisitive staff. They’ll show you experiments that pop, squish, whizz and bang, and are there to ask and answer questions along the way.

Q Lab also has exhibits for you to explore. Want to know what a human hair really looks like? Get up close and personal with everyday objects using our digital microscopes!

Ever wanted to see the building blocks of our universe? Check out our giant periodic table, which has samples of nearly all the known elements!

Want to meet a real queen? Take a peek inside our beehive and see more than 10,000 of nature’s hardest workers doing what they do best.

Even if you’ve been here before, Q Lab is always changing, so there’ll be someone new to meet and something new to see. Let your imagination run wild in Q Lab!

Q Lab is best suited to visitors aged 7 years and older.