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17 February to 28 April


Foyer and Gallery 1


Primary students


Explore an extravaganza of electricity, movement, and machines in this 3-in-1 adventure!

First, spark your curiosity with the unexpected and surprising nature of electricity in Questacon Presents: ZAP! Electric Science. Marvel at magnetic levitation, view voltages and customise an electric circuit with this array of energising exhibits. 

Then, use your force to explore how and why things move in Questacon Presents: POW! Forces & Motion. Create swirls of flowing turbulence, give bouncing balls an unexpected boost, and craft creative flying contraptions in this collection of force-filled and playful exhibits.

Finally, marvel at the simple mechanisms in everyday machines in Questacon Presents: CLANK! Levers, Gears & Gizmos. Roll around with some wacky wheels, mesh the mesmerising gears, and create music with cams in this curious collection of hands-on contraptions.

Things to know

  • Recommended for families and primary school-aged children
  • Questacon Presents CLANK! Levers, Gears & Gizmos will only be on display in the foyer during the Enlighten Festival from 1-17 March 2024