Questacon STEM Futures is a program that supports teachers, school leaders and local communities to design and cultivate a local STEM Learning Ecosystem. The program achieves this by:

  • building educators’ confidence and capability to teach STEM through high-quality, relevant professional development, and the sharing of effective practice
  • supporting school leaders to plan and embed a STEM culture in their schools, and
  • nurturing partnerships and cross-sector experiences with education providers, industry and local business.

Questacon collaborates with program participants and local stakeholders to co-develop and deliver Questacon STEM Futures. This ensures that the program meets the needs of the local community whilst helping educators and school leaders to meet the outcomes of the curriculum.

Benefits of participation

Schools will be provided with ongoing support throughout the program allowing for multiple cycles of practice, feedback and professional development. This includes access to national experts in teacher capability in STEM teaching and culture as well as opportunities for establishing effective partnerships with tertiary education providers, business and industry. Participating schools will also be provided free resources to implement STEM programs within their classes.

“Building a common language around STEM and a cross-curricular approach - I now feel that I am armed with lots of evidence and useful planning documents to share, plus the personal confidence to advocate for quality STEM education for our students. I will be using everything that I have learned.”

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