For Early Childhood Learners

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive and Questacon values the importance of young children playing and exploring scientifically. Our early childhood learning programs provide meaningful opportunities for young children and their carers to have fun engaging with science whilst building their scientific thinking and understanding, and developing positive attitudes towards science learning.

Our programs for early learners include workshops and activities, science shows, roleplays, and puppet shows.

Science Sprouts

Our new Questacon Science Sprouts program is running for junior scientists aged 3-6 years old and their carers!


Science Time videos

Each of our Science Time topics has an online video which children are encouraged to watch after their session to reinforce the science concepts they learned during the session. Repetition is a powerful educational tool for young children. The videos cover the same science concepts discussed in the sessions and also have extra bits too! Many families who don't live in Canberra, who can't visit Science Time regularly, also watch the online Science Time videos - Be sure to look at the activity sheets as well!

Experimenting at Home

Watch our Experimenting at Home videos and use the activity sheet to continue experimenting at home! Each episode looks at a different topic with fun and simple experiments that you can do with things you can find around the house. For general tips on interacting with young children during scientific exploration check out our parent resource ‘Exploring with your little scientists’.

Excursions from Home

Watch our Excursions from Home videos. Each episode follows Science Time as they visit a different location to learn new things and meet the amazing people that work there.