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Explore the fine line between humans and technology with this interactive exhibition. Born or Built? will make visitors ask the big questions that society is grappling with as technology evolves.

Through a range of immersive experiences, visitors will find out how humans and machines are becoming more similar, and get to see cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence in action. The exhibition allows each visitor to play ‘push-of-war’ with their mind, explore genetic manipulation technologies, and decide whether they’d trust a robot doctor. Showcase the trajectory of automation, assistive technologies and human augmentation throughout history.

Hire the exhibition to explore technologies, our relationships with them, and the consequences that they might have for society.

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Contact us to hire the Born or Built? exhibition.

Phone: 02 6112 9750

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Good to know

  • 20+ exhibits available
  • Ages 8 and up (but suitable for all ages)
  • Floor area: 500 square metres for the full exhibition
  • Minimum hire period: 3 months

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