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About the game

The Cyber Castle Challenge game encourages players to explore, discover and set their own priorities. In-game achievements guide players to understand cyber security concepts. The game is open-ended and exciting. It encourages players to solve problems using critical and creative thinking.

The game is played over 4 seasons, with each season introducing new cyber security concepts.

How it works

The Cyber Castle Challenge will help educators teach cyber security concepts and the Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum (Version 9). We recommend playing the 4 seasons of the Cyber Castle Challenge over 4 school weeks. We’ve designed the game to play in groups of up to 4 students on individual devices.

  • The Teacher Resource contains handy hints and learning resources to support the Cyber Castle Challenge. Find weekly lesson plans, discussion points and extension activities linked to success criteria and learning outcomes.
  • The Student Playbook links in-class discussions and gameplay to learning outcomes. Each season’s playbook contains activities for students to complete – before and after gameplay – to help students solidify their knowledge.
  • Supporting videos tie in-game concepts to real world examples of cyber careers and skills, introducing students to cyber security professionals. The videos promote classroom discussions about cyber security. You can find the supporting videos on our YouTube page. You can find them on each season page, starting with Season 1: Defend your assets.
Are you planning to use the Cyber Castle Challenge with your students? Please join our community to find out about upcoming webinars and workshops to support you. We welcome your questions and feedback.
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