Sally’s fun-filled career at Questacon all started in 1989. Her different roles over the decades tell a story of what it was - and still is - like to work at Questacon, what goes into keeping it running, and what’s happening now to ensure its future. 

Image of the first information desk at QuestaconHer first role was on the floor, greeting visitors as they arrived and taking entry fees. This led to working in the financial team, where Sally recalls the days before credit cards. “I used to count by hand all the takings from the admissions and I even counted the money in the public telephone booth that was in the foyer, then I’d take the money and deposit it into the bank.” 

Those days were also times before workplace safety was fully realised: Sally recounts a highlight when the local fire brigade were practicing rescues, and had deemed the Questacon building the perfect setting. 

“The brigade asked for a volunteer and I said, ‘I’ll do it!’, not really thinking about it, and so then I found myself strapped into a stretcher as they lowered me off the side of the building to the ground. Back then, I didn’t have any concerns. It was a very different time then.” 

Another highlight for Sally is the sense of camaraderie across the teams she has worked in. She fondly recalls the community spirit of staff working weekend shifts. “The retail and business services staff would get together because it was just us in the building weekends, so we had these big lunches out on the loading dock. We were really strong, bonded teams all working to the same goal.”  

Image of Sally D'addioFast forward to 2023 and Sally’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ work in strategic projects and business planning brings just as much joy. She has been responsible for securing funding for upgrades to the building and its services, supporting the design of exhibitions and securing ongoing funding for their development. She gets to see the results of this every day.  

“You might work in an office here, but you can always go out on the floor and see the exhibits and feel the excitement of the visitors – especially the school children, that’s an amazing thing to have. It’s on tap and there’s something to look forward to every day, any time.” 

She says Questacon is now planning its future, taking stock of where it’s at and examining what it has done, what works, and what can be improved. “We’ve been in this building for 35 years and it’s exciting to look at where we’ll be in the next 35”, she says. 

Image of Sally D'addioOne thing that hasn’t changed is the positive community of the Questacon workplace. “I love this place. I think it brings out the best in people, so you get such great people working here. Over the years the people have all changed, but it’s still that great place.  

“When you wake up in the morning, it’s like: you’re going to work, but you’re going to Questacon! It’s very special. Everyone is always really keen to meet you and to work with you. I can’t see myself working anywhere else.” 

Sally D’Addio works as Questacon’s Senior Manager, Strategic Projects, helping to shape the future of Questacon so that it continues to provide valuable experiences to young and old, into the future. Find out more about Questacon’s purpose and vision