Born or Built?

Born or Built? asks questions that society will grapple with as technologies evolve and become more widespread. The exhibition is not designed to answer these questions. Instead it encourages visitors to engage with the underlying ideas and come to their own conclusions.

Technology now appears in every facet of our lives and bodies. Through a range of immersive experiences Born or Built? lets visitors explore these technologies, our relationships with them, and the consequences that they might have for society.


The exhibition features 20 interactive experiences, from a neural network trained to recognise facial expressions to interactive art generated by electrodes attached to visitors’ bodies. Visitors will play ‘push-of-war’ with their minds, explore genetic manipulation technologies, program a self-driving car to deal with difficult moral scenarios and ponder whether they’d trust a robot doctor. 

Exhibition Hire

For exhibition hire download the below document for technical specifications and venue requirements.

Born or Built? - Hire Information PDF 86KB