A young woman dressed in a lab coat is demonstrating how bubles are made to a bunch of young school kids.

Master of Science Communication Outreach

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The Science Circus is also a university course.

The Questacon Science Circus team are also students of the Master of Science Communication Outreach. This one year course is based in Canberra at The Australian National University (ANU). Most of the students are granted scholarships and study at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) within the university.

The students come from all over Australia and they bring their own unique knowledge, energy and passion for science to the program.

Please contact CPAS if you would like to apply to join the Questacon Science Circus team next year. Past students have used the course as a starting point for a huge variety of science communication careers.

Information about other other science communication courses can also be found on the CPAS website.

Contact CPAS by e-mail or telephone on + 61 2 6125 0498.