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A young woman dressed in a lab coat is demonstrating how bubles are made to a bunch of young school kids.

Work Experience

We aim to provide challenging, exciting and productive placements for students to provide a quality work experience in a science centre environment.


A young woman in a white lab coat and goggles stands behind a glass display counter that has a round glass bowl and bubbles coming out of the top. On the other side of the counter are five children watching on.

We offer placements to Years 10, 11 and 12 school students in a wide range of functions in a number of areas to provide as broader experience as possible.

These may include:

  • Visitor Programmes
  • Technology Services
  • Questacon Shop
  • Visitor Relations, Engagement & Operations
  • Design & Online Services
  • Wood and metal workshops *

* Due to the working environment in the Wood and Metal Workshops students are required to supply and wear protective clothing including steel capped footwear, cotton shirt and long pants.

Normally, students will be placed for a period of one week working Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm. We can also support students wishing to spread this time allocation over a number of weeks.

We are happy to accept students with special needs providing any necessary support is available and the student is suitable for the particular work area.

Other placements may require the student to wear closed in shoes, and/or black trousers. These will be advised when the application for work experience has been accepted.


Due to staffing and workloads we are unable to confirm a work experience placement until after it has been approved by the relevant area.

How to Apply

Students, or Work Experience Coordinators, need to apply as early as possible as work experience placements are limited.

To request a placement, you can simply send an email which includes the following:

  • school information
  • student information, contact details, age of student and year level
  • area in which work experience is being sought
  • preferred dates for the placement, including preferred duration
  • any special needs or mobility issues


Once the emailed request has been received, we will contact the relevant work areas to seek agreement to the placement and then written advice will be sent back to the student or Work Experience Coordinator. We look forward to hearing from you.