Standing at 5.4m, these sculptural flowers respond to sunlight with the petals of each flower covered with photovoltaic panels that open and close to light levels. This behaviour is illustrative of diurnal flowers that open up during the day and close at night. These sculptures are based on sun orchids (Thelymitra sp.) which respond dynamically to light and temperature and have a classic radial petal arrangement.

The petals are covered in photovoltaic panels, which means that the entire sculpture is completely self-sustaining and ‘off the grid’ using a battery to power it during darker days and night time.

Don’t forget to have a look at night to see them lit up.

Did you know

There are more than 120 species of sun orchid with around 33 species occurring in the ACT, and many are a purple-blue colour similar to our sculptures.

Photovoltaic flower sculpture against the backdrop of trees