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Available from March 2024


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Australia in Space brings an exploration of Australia’s contemporary excellence in space to a national audience.

This travelling exhibition allows visitors to discover how space pushes the limits of ingenuity and technology, and how space is changing the ways we live and work.

Visitors will use innovative hands-on exhibits to discover Australia’s inspiring contributions to the space sector, and the surprising ways space technologies are used in everyday life.

This travelling exhibition includes 24 experiences installed in a 450 m2 gallery. The exhibition is divided into 3 modules, each exploring a different realm of space operations:

  • Lift Off: Explore how Australia is getting to space, and what we are doing there.
  • In Orbit: Discover the challenges of operating in orbit, and Australian innovations that take advantage of the opportunities it presents.
  • Earth & Beyond: Learn how Australia’s location and expertise gives us a unique advantage in space operations, benefiting both deep space exploration and our lives here on Earth.

As well as being installable as a full 450 m2 exhibition, these modules will be available individually to fill smaller venues of around 150 m2. The 3 independent exhibition modules are cohesive experiences within themselves and are available for hire as one-offs or in any combination of 2 or 3.

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