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A green interactive panel sitting on a brown table.

Growth rings within trees indicate their age as well as climatic conditions.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A black, blue and red exhibit table with an information panel at the back. On the table top are two joysticks and a series of black blocks in the shape of an arch.

The catenary arch is a strong shape used in buildings and other structures.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit

Don’t let your soft drink choice get you down in this heavy activity

8+ Experiments and activities
A light lit room with a bookshelf and books, a play rug, a leather couch, two seats and a window looking to the outside garden.

A space to relax, reflect and rejuvenate.

0-6 Exhibits Exhibit
Four limestone blocks layout as a keyboard on a metal stand, with one blue plastic and metal mallets attached.

Percussion instruments generate vibration and sound when they are struck with a mallet.

6+ Exhibits Exhibit