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A orange and blue exhibit table with a matching information panel on top, as well as black steel rods that are balancing amongst one another on a single stand.

Centre of mass can be used to hang objects together.

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The bottom of a inflated green balloon being touched by the flame of a white candle under it.

Once you pop, we’ll show you how to stop.

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
link to the get over it exhibit

Not all puzzles have solutions!

How it Works

Starting on any part of the land, try to plot a path that crosses each bridge only once.

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Yellow steel frame enclosing a black coloured board with a large glass lens in the middle of the board

Lenses that magnify images can come in different shapes and sizes.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A painting of a green crocodile with circle cut outs behind it's head and between it's teeth.

It's important to define exactly what is being measured, in order for accurate measurements to be taken.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit