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overlapping blue line patterns on a white background.

Overlapping line patterns create interference or Moiré pattern illusions.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Brightly coloured cards sit out of slots on a display unit, with a computer monitor with the words "Farming down the slope" on the screen.

Water quality and availability in catchment areas downstream are affected by activities undertaken upstream.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A children's play gym made of black plastic netting, green padded framework and a purple cargo net.

Helps children develop physical co-ordination, thinking skills and confidence.

0-6 Exhibits Exhibit
A yellow and blue information panel with the title 'Tectronic Plates'

Earth’s crust is made of pieces called tectonic plates.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
On a table sits an orange, green and red box with a sloped top face that has five circular cut outs, that each have a different fabric.

Humans feel textures by moving their fingers across a surface to stimulate touch receptors.

6+ Exhibits Exhibit