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Making renewable energy is a breeze

8+ Experiments and activities
Colourful blue, yellow and red handprints on a black background.

Thermocroic liquid crystals change colour when heated or cooled.

6+ Exhibits Exhibit
A fake stone wall with a white, green and blue information panel sits in the background. The exhibit consists of a multi-coloured pyramid shape, that has a timer and button at the bottom and a round face with a second clock at the top.

Your 'sense of time' may be accurate or wildly inaccurate!

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A blue and white information panel with the title "Crank it Clean"

Extracting freshwater from brackish or salt water using reverse osmosis is an energy-intensive technique.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A large blue and white flat maze that is contained within a blass and steel display case.

Pneumatic pistons use air to lift and lower heavy things.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit