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A large red, black and tan coloured exhibit that has white cards with graphs on them.

Mathematical curves can be found in different shapes.

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a yellow robot arm with a hocky puck attached at the end of it's arm sitting on a blue air hockey table

Robotic technology allows a mechanical arm to detect and respond to human actions in a challenging game of air hockey.

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A pair of hands holding a plastic soft drink bottle that is in a bowl filled with water and ice cubes.

Watch out as the air pressure surrounding us all the time is more than enough to crush a plastic  bottle with destructive power.

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A large blue and red cube frame that has purple and green information banners hanging between top and bottom bars of the cube.

As humans age, the corneas in their eyes start to thicken, causing effects on their vision similar to yellowing.

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Too hot, too cold or just right? See how these plants adapt to extremes

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