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Pass a straight rod through a curved (part-parabolic) slot in this surprising mathematical-visual illusion.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
link to the hidden images exhibit

Create patterns and shapes using a board of colour-flipping tiles - a simple 'digital' display.

10+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A purple lightening arc

High voltages create a spectacular display of plasma and electric arcs.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A large blue rectangular exhibit with a glassed area to the left and a monitor to the right.

Pascal's triangle and the Law of Large Numbers allow a confident prediction of where a ball will land as it falls through a series of pegs.

12+ Exhibits Exhibit
An exhibit table with a information panel, sits in front of two walls. On the table lays a rectangle shape with pegs sitting on top.

Making patterns of movement more efficient can be achieved by modelling through puzzles.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit