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A photo of an eagle's head and beak.

See if you, your family or friends have the eyesight of an eagle!

8+ Experiments and activities

The travelling salesman is a classic maths problem that still interests scholars around the world.

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A melted yellow plastic ice-cream wrapper

Are your ice block wrappers taking up too much space? Shrink them with this easy activity!

5+ Experiments and activities
A blue, green and grey exhibit stand with a large piece of timber at the front with slots cut into it.

Push the blocks towards each other. Watch what happens to the blocks, which represent tectonic plates or the Earth’s crust.

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A woman wearing glasses looking down, with her right index finger held to her ear, and white string rapped around her fingers drops downtowards the ground.

Sound is made by vibrations. Sound travels better through solids and liquids than through air.

5+ Experiments and activities