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Keep a level head with this stilling well

8+ Experiments and activities
Brightly coloured soft play matts and toys for babies.

A special space for babies and their carers.

0-2 Exhibits Exhibit
An orange and yellow exhibit table with matching information panel at the back and on the top is a steel arch with a string and black weight hanging down from the apex of the arch.

Chaotic patterns are studied within mathematics and meteorology.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Alex Goad reaches for a piece of artificial reef under water

Alex Goad followed his passion for scuba diving and the environment to create MARS – a Modular Artificial Reef Structure.

All ages Articles
A young boy is sitting in an adult women's lap. The boy is placing his hand flat on a piece of paper in front of them, whilst the woman is holding a marker. The outline of larger hands are surrounding the young boy's hand on the paper.

Measure the size, weight and volume of different things, including your own body.

2-5 Experiments and activities