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A wall painted with planets and the entrance way to a pretend space ship.

Part role play, part scientific investigation space.

0-6 Exhibits Exhibit
A large D shaped silver sculpture sitting on a pole with thousands of small metal round discs attached. Behind is a curved white building with many windows and a blue sky.

Changes in wind direction creates patterns in Nature.

6+ Exhibits Exhibit
a red display control board, with a screen where you place your hands on, and blue, green and red controls to the top.

The Moment Magnitude scale is used to measure the strength of earthquakes, increases by a factor of 10.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
An orange and blue exhibit table with a white information panel laying flat on the top, two rows of 20 millimetre pvc piping rising up from the table top, and a blue thong attached to an orange cord hanging over the table side.

Air vibrates at different frequencies to generate low or high pitched sounds.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A wooden cut-out bird with different colours projected onto it's surface which then reflect on the wall behind

Coloured lights can be combined (or subtracted) to create new colours.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit