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A black and orange exhibit table, with matching information panel at the back. On the table sits two silver pistons with black handles and a purple base between them.

Pressure applied over an area generates a force that can do work. Changing the area or the pressure increases or decreases the force.

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A small boy and girl playing with a drum and mixing bowl.

Join BJ and Dion from Science Time, as they talk all about 'Senses'.

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Normally fibre optics are hidden underground, but this experiment uses water to see the light

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A pretend stone wall in the background with a scale and wheel sitting on a brown table in the forground surround by a clear perspex box.

When an item is placed into water, the volume of water it shifts or displaces can be used to calculate the item's density (and value).

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A photo of an eagle's head and beak.

See if you, your family or friends have the eyesight of an eagle!

8+ Experiments and activities