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a pink pen held by a metal arm and drawing on a pad of white square paper. The pen is drawing harmonic patterns on the paper.

A swinging platform and a pen attached to a pendulum, draw intricate shapes and patterns on paper.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A close up of a blue and steel monitor screen that has targets on it. Pink handles come out from each side.

The trigonometry function of 'tan' can be used to find the distance to a target.

12+ Exhibits Exhibit
Green, blue and white light projection on to square tiles.

When raindrops congregate in a cloud to a certain density, rain will fall.

4+ Exhibits Exhibit
A upside down plastic drink bottle filled with water, and a cork floating to the top with a string falling down out of the cork.

Full steam ahead and watch which way the cork goes.

5+ Experiments and activities
A man wearing glasses, is holding up a white disc with a picture in black of a cage.

Ever wanted to lock-up your brother? Well you can, using a thaumatrope!

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos