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Two hands tapping a white vertical cylinder with a round base, and a cartoon cut out stuck on front.

Make a toy that refuses to be pushed around and always comes back for more.

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A boy and girl standing next to a blue and beige round table that has a small basket ball on top. In the background are yellow and blue information panels.

Spin the wheel and watch what happens to the model Sun.

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Cooking up new sounds or just ringing in your ears?

5+ Experiments and activities
On a blue surface are a triangle shaped and a rectangle shaped yellow flat base, on which sits piles of orange balls.

Build a pyramid with a triangular or rectangular base, using the same siz puzzle pieces of joined balls.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Two hands holding marbles over two jars filled with liquids.

Thick and gluggy versus thin and runny.

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos