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A blue exhibit table with a blue, white and red information panel on top. On the top of the table intertwined red, blue and yellow steel bars, with a white rope with a knot tied in it, that is around the yellow bar.

Topology puzzles explore patterns in space.

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A beige coloured exhibit table with matching monitor on top. On the screen is the title 'Saving Water'.

Small changes that save water can add up to large water efficiencies.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
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This activity lets you engage in  simple maths when counting and measuring ingredients such as 3 cups of  flour or 2 eggs.

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A beige coloured exhibit table with a yellow, red and blue arrangement of information panels sitting on top of it. The title on the top blue area is 'Stormwater'.

Fresh rainwater can become polluted as it passes through stormwater drains, picking up debris and micro organisms.

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A hand inside a black and white box with the end cut out, is point down.

It's time for you to feel like a star! Make a Star Gazer to see  constellations.

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