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To find more information on identifying high or low sensory spaces, please visit our Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page.

What is Questacon?

Questacon is a science centre where I can learn about science and technology.

There are lots of things I can do at Questacon. I will get to play.

People who work at Questacon

Questacon staff and volunteers wear brightly coloured blue, red or yellow shirts along with purple straps with name tags around their necks. Sometimes they will also wear purple vests over their shirts.

I can ask these people for help if I can't find my school group or teacher. I can also ask staff members if I have any questions.

Arriving and getting tickets

I will enter Questacon through automatic sliding doors. There could be lots of other people and schools around. I might need to wait in line. If I have bought tickets online, there is a separate line I can join, so my ticket can be scanned.

Exploring Questacon

There are lots of things to see and do in Questacon. I can look at a map of Questacon on the website. The staff member at the ticket desk might suggest that I start by going up the big ramp at the ticket desk. If I don’t want to, I can start in any gallery.

Each gallery has lots of exhibits and things to look at. I might not have time to do everything. I might have to wait in line for my turn. 

Watching a science show

I might go to see a science show with my family. While I am watching, I will stay in my seat. There might be loud noises or bright lights. If I am uncomfortable, I will tell my family.

Galleries at Questacon

If I'd like to know more about each gallery at Questacon, I can look at the Gallery Information on the Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page on the website. They will tell me about the lights, noise, and quiet spaces in each gallery.

Sometimes Questacon can feel loud or overwhelming. If I need a quiet space, I can ask my family or a staff member.

Food and drink at Questacon

There are areas I can eat my food at Questacon. Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed in the galleries. There is a café inside Questacon. If I want to buy food, I might have to wait in a line.

The café might be very noisy. I can eat my food outside, or in the foyer on the ground floor. There are tables and chairs outside and in the foyer. There might be other people eating and drinking near me.

Toilets at Questacon

There are lots of toilets at Questacon. If I need help finding toilets, I can ask a staff member or look at the map. There are both automatic hand dryers and paper towels in the bathroom. The hand dryers can be very loud, but I don’t have to use them.