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To find more information on identifying high or low sensory spaces, please visit our Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page.

What is Questacon?

Questacon is a science centre where I can learn, through play, about science and technology.

People who work at Questacon

Questacon staff and volunteers wear brightly coloured blue, red or yellow shirts along with purple straps with name tags around their necks. Sometimes they will also wear purple vests over their shirts.

I can ask these people for help if I can't find my school group or teacher. I can also ask staff members if I have any questions.

Arriving at Questacon

When I arrive at Questacon, a staff member or my teacher will talk to my class. They will show me where I will be going and when I will be going there. They will tell me to stay with my teachers and my school group while visiting.

There might be other schools visiting Questacon too.

Storing school bags

My teacher will tell me where I can put my bag. If I am going to the shop, I can take my money out of my bag before I put it away. My bag could go on the bus, or I can put it inside a locker inside Questacon.


I will tell my teacher if I need to go to the toilet. There are loud hand dryers and paper towels in the bathrooms. I can use them to dry my hands.

Things to remember

When I am visiting Questacon, I will remember to:

  • Follow the adult, either my teacher or a staff member, who is leading my class and stay with them.
  • Walk, not run, on the ramp and in the galleries
  • Speak with my quiet voice, even though it might be loud
  • Take turns when using exhibits and wait patiently when I am lining up
  • Ask my teacher or a Questacon staff member if I have a question
  • Tell my teacher if I need a break or if I need to go to a quiet space

Visiting the Questacon shop

My teacher will tell me if, and when, we go to the shop. I will be able to walk around the shop and look at the items. I will only be able to go through the register once, so I will need to pick out everything I’d like to buy at the same time.

When I am ready, I will line up at the register, and get my money ready. My shopping might be put in a bag with my name on it and placed inside a big box. My teacher will let me know when we will get our shopping.


My teacher will tell me when it is time to eat. When it is time to eat, I will get my food and sit with my class. There may be other school students eating lunch at the same time.

Exploring Questacon

I might see exhibitions and science shows at Questacon. I can play with most exhibits. My teacher will tell me what my class is doing and when.

Leaving Questacon

My teacher will let me know when it’s time to go home. I will leave out the same doors I came in, with the rest of my class and get back onto the bus.

Going to Questacon is fun!