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To find more information on identifying high or low sensory spaces, please visit our Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page.

Shows at Questacon

Questacon has shows in the Japan Theatre. The shows are about all types of science. The shows might have experiments in them. The experiments might be loud or use bright lights, but the presenter will tell me about them beforehand.

If I am worried about anything, I can talk to the presenter before the show starts. I can ask for noise-cancelling headphones if there will be loud noises. The show will last for around 30 minutes, but I can leave with my group if I want to.

Before the show

I will wait in a line outside the theatre. When the doors open, the presenter will come out and lead everyone inside. I will go inside and sit with my group. I will stay in my seat during the show. There might be music playing and colourful lights on the stage.

The presenter will talk to the audience before the show. They might ask questions or do activities before they start the show. When the show starts, the presenter might close the doors.

Leaving the show early

If I want to leave with my group, I can stand up and exit the theatre, if it safe. The presenter will let me know at the start of the show if there are any rules about leaving the theatre. I may need to stop and wait before I step down onto the stage if the presenter is doing an experiment.

During the show

When the show starts, the theatre will get darker. The presenter will talk about the topic of the show and might ask questions. If I have an answer for the question, I will put up my hand and can answer if the presenter calls on me.

The show may have loud noises, but the presenter will let me know if I need to cover my ears. The lights may get brighter or turn off completely, but the presenter will warn the audience before it happens.


During the show, the presenter might ask for a volunteer to help them with an experiment. If I would like to, I can put up my hand and the presenter might call on me. If I am a volunteer, the presenter will ask me to come onstage.

I will talk to the presenter. The presenter will ask me to do something physical or ask me questions. If I decide that I do not want to be a volunteer anymore, I can walk back to my seat.

If I have a question, I can put my hand up, and the presenter might call on me. If the presenter does not call on me, I can ask them at the end of the show.

If I need to leave for any reason, I can stand up and exit the theatre at any time. I may have to wait if the presenter is doing an experiment, but they will let me know when it is safe to leave.

After the show

When the show finishes, I can clap with the rest of the audience. If I have any questions about the show, I can talk to the presenter when the show is over. They may not be able to answer my question, but they will try their hardest to explain their answer.

When I am ready to leave, I will walk back down the stairs, and out the doors into the foyer. When the show is over, I can keep exploring Questacon.