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To find more information on identifying high or low sensory spaces, please visit our Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page.

What is Questacon?

Questacon is a science centre where I can learn about science and technology.

There are lots of things I can do at Questacon. I will get to play. 

My visit to Questacon

I am going to Questacon.

I can look at a map of Questacon online.

When I arrive at Questacon, I will wait with my adult to buy tickets. The person at the ticket desk might ask if I'd like a Questacon stamp on my hand.

Staff at Questacon

Questacon staff and volunteers wear black clothes with a purple vest, and purple straps with name tags around their necks.

I can ask these people for help if I can't find my family. I can also ask staff members if I have any questions.

Important things to remember

Questacon can be very exciting. I will remember to use my quiet voice inside.

I will not run inside Questacon. I will stay with my family. 

I might have to wait to do things at Questacon. I might not have time to do all the activities. I will tell my adult if I see something I want to do. 

Quiet spaces at Questacon

Sometimes, it can be busy and noisy at Questacon. There can be lots of people. 

If I need to go to a quiet space, I will tell my family. 

Watching a science show

I might go see a science show with my family. While I am watching, I will stay in my seat.

There might be loud noises or bright lights. If I am uncomfortable, I will tell my family. 

Eating at Questacon

I cannot eat or drink in the galleries at Questacon. I can eat and drink in the foyer or outside. There are tables and chairs to eat at. 

I might go to the café to buy food. I might have to wait in line. The café might be busy and loud. If I am uncomfortable, I will tell my family. 

Toilets at Questacon

If I need to go to the toilet, I will tell my family. There are family toilets that we can use at Questacon. We can check the map or ask a Questacon staff member.

There are hand dryers and paper towels in the toilets. I can choose which option to use.

Finding help at Questacon

If i get hurt or feel sick, I will tell my family. I might need some help from a Questacon staff member. I can go to the information desk to ask any questions or find help.

Galleries at Questacon

If I would like to know more about each gallery at Questacon, I can look at the Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page on the website. This will tell me about the lights, noise, and quiet spaces in the galleries.

I am going to learn, explore and have fun at Questacon!