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To find more information on identifying high or low sensory spaces, please visit our Visitors with Sensory Sensitivities page.

Outside the Earthquake Lab

The Earthquake Lab is in the gallery space called Awesome Earth. The Earthquake Lab can be noisy. If I would like to go inside the Earthquake Lab, I can line up outside. There is a window where I can watch other people in the Earthquake Lab while I wait. I can play with the exhibits in line while I wait. When it’s my turn to go inside, a staff member will get me. I might go in with other people.

Inside the Earthquake Lab

I will walk through a short corridor to get to the Earthquake Lab. There will be other people in the lab with me. The staff member will ask the group to stand on a platform. They will then walk to the outside of the platform through a sliding door. This door will make a loud noise as it opens and closes.

Inside the Earthquake Lab

The staff member will talk about earthquakes. They might ask the group questions. If I would like to answer, I can raise my hand and they might pick me. Then I can share my answer. If I have a question, I can raise my hand to ask it.

I can build a structure from blocks while the staff member talks. I am trying to build a structure that will stay standing when the earthquake simulation starts. The staff member might come and help me. I can ask for help if I’d like to.

Feeling the earthquake

The staff member will let me know when they’re going to start an earthquake. There will be a noise and the floor will shake from side-to-side. The floor will shake for about 20 seconds. The staff member might start three or four earthquakes. The staff member might ask me if I’d like to sit or lie down to feel the earthquake. I can stay standing if I’d like to.

If I feel unwell or if I need the earthquake to stop, I can ask the staff member to stop the earthquake early and they will press a red button to stop it. I can step off the shaking platform into the corridor. I can leave the Earthquake Lab early if I’d like to.

When I finish in the Earthquake Lab, the staff member will show us out. I can keep exploring Questacon.