Accessibility at Questacon

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At Questacon, we strive to promote greater understanding and awareness of science and technology within the community. We recognise the value in providing science learning opportunities to all Australians, and we are committed to supporting our visitor's accessibility needs. Here you will find a range of facilities and resources we offer to support our visitors - if you have any further questions, please get in contact with us using the details below.

Entry to Questacon

Access and Equity Days

Questacon is also committed to providing equitable access to the public through our Access and Equity days. Admissions on these days are discounted for all visitors to the Centre. This is in addition to any other concession or companion cards the visitor may hold.

Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals are welcome at Questacon. For further enquiries, please call (02) 6270 2800.

Companion Cards

Questacon offers free entry to the carers or companions of people who hold a companion card.

Concession Cards

Questacon offers a discount on entry for all people who hold a concession card.

Facilities and Resources

Autism Spectrum

We have resources available for visitors on the Autism spectrum. There is a quiet space, the Cloud Chamber, in the alcove between Galleries 2 and 3. There are also quiet spaces around the building - ask staff for your nearest quiet space. Earmuffs are available for free hire at the information desk.

A Sensory Sensitivity Health Sheet (similar to a sensory map) is available.

Our Social Scripts for Questacon details what to expect for general entry and school visits for a range of ages, plus our three most sensory stimulating exhibits – Free Fall, Earthquake Lab and Caged Lightning.


See the map for all bathrooms in Questacon, including specific locations of wheelchair accessible bathrooms and parent's rooms. There are accessible toilets in every bathroom area.

There are bathrooms in the foyer, Galleries 3, 6, 7, and the Gallery 7 Mezzanine. Gallery 6 also has child-sized toilets for younger visitors.

The bathrooms are fitted with visual fire alarms for those unable to hear fire alarm tones.


Questacon is a breastfeeding-friendly institution and you are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the Centre. If you would like a quiet space to feed, we have a dedicated space in Gallery 6 (Mini Q) for  feeding, including microwaves to use for heating milk or formula if required.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Questacon has written directions and explanations on most exhibits, and clear signage throughout the Centre. There is also a hearing loop in the Japan Theatre, and the bathrooms are fitted with visual fire alarms for those who cannot hear alert tones.

Cochlear Implant

If you have a cochlear implant, please see the Health Sheet to check if any of our exhibits may affect your device.


If you are concerned about potential seizure triggers, please see the Health Sheet for more information.

Japan Theatre


Entry to Questacon's Japan Theatre includes five (5) stairs, accompanied by a wheelchair lift. Please inform a staff member if you wish to use this lift. The lift has an upper limit of 220kg.

Hearing Loop

Questacon's Japan Theatre is fitted with a hearing loop in the first two (2) rows. If you need to use the hearing loop whilst attending a show or talk in the theatre, we recommend informing the presenter so they are able to ensure the correct volume from the microphone.


If you have a pacemaker, please see the Health Sheet to check if any of our exhibits may affect your device.


There is additional seating supplied in every gallery. Please ask a staff member if you would like to know the location of the seating in your gallery.

Low Vision

Information on all of Questacon's galleries and programs is available on our website, which follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

We are also happy to talk over the phone and in person, and we have staff and volunteers stationed throughout the centre to answer questions, give directions and facilitate the exhibits.

Small children playing while parents watch

Wheelchair Access

All Questacon galleries are accessible by ramp, in addition to a lift that opens on the ground floor (Galleries 8, 7 and 6), Galleries 5, 4, 2 and 1. Gallery 3 and the Mezzanine can be accessed by taking the lift to an adjacent gallery and using the ramp.

Both the main entrance and ceremonial entrance of Questacon are accessible by ramp.

Wheelchair, Pram and Stroller Hire

Wheelchairs, prams and strollers are available to use, free of charge, from the Questacon ticketing desk. A form of proof of identity (such as a Driver’s Licence) will be required as collateral, and returned upon return of the item.

Getting Here


An overhead view of Questacon indicating the location of accessible parking

Paid parking is available in two main carparks near Questacon.

The smaller car park adjacent to Questacon contains only 4 hour parking. The larger car park (further down Parkes Place West) contains 4 hour parking in the first two rows and all day parking in the remaining rows.

Accessible parking is available in both of these car parks. The accessible parks are highlighted in yellow in the accompanying image.

Australian Disability Parking Permit holders can utilise these spaces for no charge, and can also park for no charge in ticketed parking areas if no accessible parking spaces are available. They can park for an unlimited time if the time limit on the parking sign is more than 30 minutes. If it is less, they can park for two (2) hours.


Questacon is serviced by several bus routes, depending on the day of the week. More information is available from Transport Canberra.

Drop off/pick up

There is a drop off/pick up zone located on Mall Road West, in front of Questacon's ceremonial entrance. This is where most taxi services will drop off/pick up.

Contact Us

If you have any other questions about accessibility for your visit to Questacon, please call our friendly staff on 6270 2800 or email us at

More information on visiting the Centre is available on the hours and admissions page.