Japan Theatre


30 minutes



About shows

No visit to Questacon is complete without seeing a show by the Questacon Excited Particles theatre troupe! Our live Spectacular Science Shows use humour, storytelling, exciting demonstrations and audience interaction to show you the wonders of science and technology.

Have you ever wondered if dogs can see colour? If fossil fuels are made from dinosaurs? Or what the coldest possible temperature is? Find answers to these questions and so many more in our energetic and entertaining explorations by our intrepid Excited Particles.

Things to know

  • Shows are family friendly and suitable for all ages.
  • Shows are free with your paid Questacon admission.
  • Each show runs for 30 minutes.
  • Showtimes are subject to change due to staff availability. Confirm showtimes with our staff on the day.
  • You can find us in the Japan Theatre – please ask staff for directions.
  • The Japan Theatre is operating at 100% capacity with fixed theatre seating. During peak times you might sit next to other patrons in the theatre.
  • A hearing loop is available in the Japan Theatre.
  • Some performances may contain loud bangs.

Our current shows

We are always developing new and exciting shows. Make sure you check with the ticket desk when you arrive to find out which Spectacular Science Show you can see during your visit. Read on to find out about our current shows.

Move It

Do you like to move it? 

From the first stone wheel to the space shuttle, humanity has always endeavoured to find easier ways to move stuff. Explore how we can use simple machines to complete tasks, carry objects, or even move humans! 


We didn't start it! 

Have you ever wondered how fire is made? How is it extinguished? Do you just like watching things go bang? Ignite your curiosity and get the answer to all of your burning questions about fire! 


Do you see what I see?

What is colour? How do we see colour? Why can’t we always agree on what colour something is? Explore how light, materials, perception and biology all interact to create your personal colour experience!

Liquid Nitrogen!

Our coolest show, by over a hundred degrees!

A fun and explosive show about one of the coolest known substances – liquid nitrogen. Hot and cold are more than just something you feel based on the weather. Find out how they affect the fundamental properties of everything.

Your Energy!

Energy: what is it and where does it come from? And why is it important for everyday life?

Your house, car and body are all powered in very different ways. Where do these different types of energy come from? Explore Australia’s use of energy in a dynamic and explosive show that is guaranteed to get you energised.


How did you get here?

What do you have in common with mushrooms? What do crocodiles and bananas have in common? No matter how different we may seem - all living things are connected. Learn about what these connections are, and why living things come in so many different shapes. It’s time to start climbing our family tree and discover just how far those branches go.

How Did Dinosaurs?

Why are dinosaurs so cool?

For 135 million years dinosaurs ruled the Earth. And for over a hundred years, they have captured our imaginations. How do they do it? Join one of our resident dino-devotees and discover the amazing adaptations that made dinosaurs incredible. You might learn the names of a few new dinosaurs along the way too!

Changing Planet

What do you want the future to look like?

Over billions of years the Earth has changed many times and it will continue to change into the future. For the first time in history a single species has the power to direct those changes. Where are our choices taking us and what can we do about it?